Mrs. Daniella C. Williams Mitchell was called to the Grenada Bar for over 23 years and is a solution-oriented general legal practitioner with more focus on civil law.    She now heads the firm of Danny Williams and Co. having taken over from her father, Sir Daniel C. Williams GCMG Kings Counsel. 

The firm’s practice areas include all areas of civil law and litigation, including real estate law, probate and administration of estates law, commercial and company law, labour and employment law, citizenship and immigration law and intellectual property law.

Daniella has a keen interest in Intellectual Property law and the reform of Copyright, Patent, Trademark and other Intellectual Property related laws in Grenada.  She holds a Masters of Law Degree in Intellectual Property law from the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law of Yeshiva University in New York .  The firm’s work includes the filing of trademarks registrations, renewals, assignments, oppositions and any other filings as required under the Trademark Act of Grenada. 

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